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Curated Wallpaper Styles

Abstract Wallpaper

When we want to create an atmosphere using our home decor we often look towards colour, tone and texture. Staying away from definitive patterns and motifs allows us to change a mood without distracting, Abstract patterns offer an ambiguity that ensures our eyes do not pin point specifics on a wall which lets your own art, canvases and framed photographs take the centre stage.

Brick / Stone Wallpaper

Simulated surfaces have been a popular and growing area in wallpaper over the last couple of seasons with stone, slate and bricks becoming a trend area for younger rooms. Available in various qualities for use in every room in the house, even the kitchen and bathroom. Find your perfect faux wallpaper here at O’Neill’s

Checks / Checkered

Offering a few themes to enhance your home you can create a heritage or country estate feel with checks, plaids and tartan patterns. Checks and ginghams also create a homemade and crafted look, use them in a nursery or even in a kitchen to make your homemade home. This look has grown into its own style category by adding a cosiness to your space, think of it as a warm blanket for your walls.


Whether you’re looking for repetition or simply for a sweet wallcovering, circle patterns come in all sizes to suit a variety of rooms. With motif styled designs for everyday living spaces to polka dots or spots for the younger members of the household, not forgetting the nursery. Come and take a look at our collections for your perfect circle design.


A classic in wallpaper, damasks can offer a regality to your home and can be dressed up or down to suit your decor. Regularly reimagined to suit the trend of the time, recently into vintaged and distressed effects for a more chic interpretation.


From pretty little bloom prints to full on flamboyant florals, a beautiful floral wallpaper can really make a room feel like home. Forget any thoughts of old fashioned patterns from childhood and embrace the botanical couture. What is your preference? A floral trail that soars up your walls and surrounds you? Or a placed bouquet featuring your favourite flowers in striking or unusual colours.


Strike a pose and own it! Foil wallcoverings are very fashion forward, offering pure and clean metallics that bounce every wray of light. Available in a mixture of finishes and blended with some stunning geometrics designs. What’s not to love? Let your home shine!


A real trend right now, geometrics offer a unisex pattern to suit all members of the family making them a great option to keep everybody happy. Incorporating classic shapes from stylised periods such as art deco along with inspiration from places around the world geometrics really can suit any space.


Are you a magpie for anything that glitters? Then take a look at our sparkling designs…

Whether in a plain, subtly textured or incorporated into a patterned wallpaper you can have as much dazzling glitter as you want!

Plain / textured

Keep it minimalist and let your furniture and home furnishings do the talking. We have a great range of plain and plain textured wallpapers to suit an all wall transformation or to coordinate with our patterned wallpaper collections. Find your perfect tactile texture or smooth plain print here at O’Neill’s.


New to O’Neill’s we have a collection of sequined wallcoverings that come in either a fabric backed product with a big WOW factor and a more DIY friendly sequin on a wallpaper sized roll. These tactile products offer the most sparkle and glitz you could wish for, call in to see these dazzling wallcoverings.


Where form and structure are important features in your home decor, you may wish to turn to a striped wallpaper to emphasise this. These definitive designs can be hung either vertically in the traditional manor or horizontally to add a twist on the norm.


So if you have a space that would be ideal for a quirky pattern or something that’s a little less mainstream come on in and take a look what we can offer! Why not go for a simulated library on your wall or how about covering of clock faces? Be daring with your home decor and try to be a little different.

Tile Effect

These highly washable patterns are produced for high humidity areas in the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, WC’s and utility rooms. Referred to as Contour and Cushion Vinyl you can always find a pseudo tile effect pattern in store, from miniature mosaics to large repeating tiles and a selection of more quirky / unusual patterns.

Trees / Leafy

A natural choice for home decor are leafy trails and tree focussed patterns, these allow us to be relaxed by what we see around us in our day to day lives. Ranging from enchanting silhouettes to leaf laden examples we have a great choice. Leaning towards a leafy trail? Offering a calming ambiance and often produced in tonal and self coloured choices these wallpapers are a great choice for a living space or bedroom.


This recent resurfacing trend enables you to bring rich and lush tropical plants with amazingly vivid colour into our homes even if you don’t have green fingers. From full on palm leaves & hot jungle themes to stunning rainforest we have a great mixture of organic designs for your walls.

Wood Effects / Panels

Wooden board and panel effect patterns have been holding their own in home decor for the last couple of seasons, we have a great mixture of clean and fresh simulated woods. Looking for something more distressed, industrial or weather beaten… Don’t despair, we have got these instore too!


We cater for all members of the family at O'Neill's Decorating Centres with pattern choices suited to all ages. Our collections of children's and nursery wallcoverings offer patterns from polka dots and simple stripes to dinosaurs, stars or unicorns. This regularly changing selection should keep your little ones happy whilst they grow and explore.

We love wall fashion! Our curated wallpaper collections are stocked to inspire your next decorating project. These images can only show you a snapshot of the choice available in each of our stores but from what you can see, you can be assured we will have what you are looking for. We have the choice and knowledge that makes us a wallpaper specialist and a destination you know is worth a journey!

With stores in Bolton and Manchester, we know our region well. We understand that not all customers' homes here have open-plan architecture with garden rooms, are perfectly finished new builds or are city-based open lofts residents. So with you always in mind our buyers look carefully for patterns,  product qualities and finishes that will harmonise with our homes and present themselves as best as possible. We are proud to offer our help that allows you the customer to make the best choices for your individual circumstances.


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