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5 tips for decorating your first home together

Moving into your first home together is a huge milestone in your life and the start of a brand new exciting chapter together.

So, now you have settled on your new home, you’ve got the keys and it’s all yours! The next thing you need to tackle is the decorating, in order to make this house a home!

Choosing a style for your home that suits you both can be difficult and you may be discovering that the two of you have very different ideas about what looks good.

But opposites attract, right?

You obviously know you love each other, but you may not love the same things...and that’s completely normal. When it comes to decorating your home, it is all about creating the perfect blend that compliments both of your styles within your home.

So here are a few tips on how to decorate your first home together…

Start with neutral then add colour

A neutral room provides an excellent blank canvas in order for you to build upon. This is a great starting point as you can always then add elements of colours, textures, accents and focal points within the room.

However, neutral doesn’t have to be boring, we stock plenty of neutral toned wallpapers and paints that’ll give you a great starting point.

Luciano Geo Beige Wallpaper by Seriano- Available in store!

Marble Wallpaper Natural/ Blush Gold by Elle Decoration- Available in store

Toasted Beige by Johnstones Paint- Available in store


Antique Cream by Johnstones Paint- Available in store


Create a feature / accent wall first

Feature or accent walls are a great cost-effective and easy way of adding character to any room. They’ll act as the main focal point in the room and can be as bold and flamboyant or as subtle or minimal as you like.

Deciding on a feature wall gives you a fantastic head start on which home decor theme you like.

Once you’ve chosen or shortlisted a couple of patterns you will then have a style, or a colour palette to follow and a direction to take the rest of the room in, giving you a head start with the rest of the decorating.

You never know this may be an opportunity to find out quickly which colours and styles you both love or don’t like at all.

Here are just a few wallpaper and paints we stock in-store which would be perfect for creating a feature wall

Onyx Natural Stone in Blue / Gold by Rasch Wallcoverings

Leaf Trail in Blush Pink by Erismann

Caribbean Tide by Johnstones Paint- Feature Colours collection

Amphibious by Johnstones Paints- Feature Colours Collection

Remember no home is perfect

As interior design experts we can tell you that there is no such thing as a perfect home, it’s a myth. There are no specific rules when it comes to interior design, there isn’t somebody there to clarify which home is considered perfect or not.

Your home should be unique to you and include both of your personalities. So, do not feel pressured to achieve this perfect home image you may see online. Your home is perfect to you when you are both proud and comfortable in it.

Make sure you have all the DIY essentials ready

When you have finally decided on a colour scheme and style you both like, you will need some essential DIY tools handy to get started on your transformation. Take a look at our 10 essential tools for decorating your home article.

Then visit us in-store to pick them all up at once, job done!

Visit a decorating centre together

The best way to decide what you like and don’t like as a couple, is to view a variety of wallpapers and paints in person. Instead of scrolling through websites online head to O’Neill’s Decorating Centre you can leisurely browse our huge selection and easily pick out your favourites from our large decorated displays. But that’s not all, you will have our expert decorating team in-store ready to help and advise the best styles, coordinates and quantities needed for you. It also makes the experience a lot more exciting when you turn it into a day out! 

You can find your closest O’Neill’s Decorating Centre store today


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