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Get your garden summer ready with exterior paint

Get your garden summer ready with exterior paint

We all love it when the sun makes an appearance and we have the opportunity to get out and enjoy our garden space. However, as the British weather doesn’t always promise sunshine, sometimes our gardens require a bit of TLC to get them summer-ready each year!

Painting areas of your garden is a simple and affordable way to help your garden glow again ready for lots of fun in the sun.

Jobs for the weekend...

Here’s some areas of the garden that can benefit from a fresh coat of colour:

  • Fences & Gates
  • Garden furniture, benches & arbours
  • Sheds & Summer houses
  • Decking & Boarding
  • Plant pots & planters
  • Garden accessories

How to pick the perfect garden paint?

We understand that picking the perfect shade for your garden can be a tricky one.

To help, here are some questions you can ask yourself, your own answers should help guide you towards what you are really looking for!

  1. What colours have you used inside your home?
  2. What do you use your outside space for? Rest and relaxation or more energised activities?
  3. Which colours help you relax or give you a spring in your step?
  4. Can you use your garden all year round or just in the warmer months...? Which colours do you associate with summer?

Tip- When the sun is stronger, try bolder colours like purples and pinks with warming hues. Cool colours such as blue can look too harsh

Sunshine on your mind?

Is your outside space north facing?

If you have a north-facing garden that’s naturally a bit shaded or even quite dark in summer you can use vibrant colours of paint to make your garden glow whatever time of day it is or season we’re in.

Here are some of the best paints for North-facing gardens

Yellow try Soft Buttercup - ideal for simulating those golden hour moments, highlight your space touches of artificial sunshine

Blue try Island Lake - Brings instant sunshine and a Mediterranian feel to your garden whatever the weather...

White try White Opaque Wood Finish - Works well in combination with greener areas of your garden, such as near flower beds etc. Add to shadier areas to brighten dark corners, looks especially magical in the evening moonlight!

Here are some of the best paints for South-facing gardens.

Is your garden a sun trap? You have the perfect opportunity to be bold with colour and unleash your creativity in the garden. Choose a strong and vibrant Johnstone’s Garden Colours paint shade to stand out against the bright rays of sunshine!

Green try Lime Burst - Stand out with some hot lime, if your outside space is more hard surfaces than organic one then paint your pots and planters with this glowing green shade.

Pink try Paradise Petals - Vibrant, warming and energising. Pink really pops against the green foliage of your trees, shrubs and lawn!

Purple try Bold Plum - Let your garden glow with some vibrant purple, this hot colour really grabs your attention when the sun hits it!

Do you like your fence panels in a ‘Traditional’ colour?

If the bright and the bold are not for you, we always stock the classic Shed & Fence colours that are a staple in British Gardens.

Colours like Dark Oak, Forest Green, Red Cedar or Golden Chestnut.

Or… Are you following the Grey trend?

We also have plenty of Grey options for your exterior, this trend is here to stay and if you’ve seen our new shop front? You’ll see we love it too! We stock plenty of exterior grey options in Shed & Fence Paint, Garden Colours, Exterior Wood Trim Paint and Masonry Paint.

If you’ve got metal railings, gates or garden furniture? We of course have Metal Paints in stock for you too.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are feeling inspired, why not head to your nearest O'Neill's Decorating Centre and view our full collection of outdoor and exterior paints.


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