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How to decorate your child's bedroom

Decorating your child’s bedroom is an exciting process that can in fact draw out the inner child in all of us.

A child’s bedroom can showcase their imagination, creativity, and personality. However, we all know that just because your child wants a unicorn-themed bedroom today, doesn’t mean they will still want one in a year’s time.

Therefore, it is important to be open to ideas and focus on the future when choosing wallpaper designs for your child’s bedroom.

Although as a parent you may know how you want your child’s bedroom to look, it is important to let them have their say too.

By giving your child responsibility and even the smallest of input can give them more ownership of their room, so they might be less likely to want to change it anytime soon and could keep it tidy for longer.

It's often the case as kids grow up that they want to invite their friends around to play. A well-decorated, stylish bedroom could give them a sense of pride and boost their confidence.

So, let’s take a look at some of our most popular wallpaper styles which you can view in-store.

Fantasy style Children’s bedroom wallpaper

Fantasy plays an important role in a child’s imagination and it allows them to see the world in different ways.

Here we have I Believe in Unicorns, a fantasy wallpaper pattern that features soft and warm fluffy clouds, droplets of shimmering dreams, and a sky full of wishing stars. Within this magical environment, the clouds have been given a soft teal tone, we see castles in the sky where your little one) can imagine living, it also features some beautiful rainbows on which our favourite fantasy animal the Unicorn can hop between kingdoms.

Made with play in mind this childrens bedroom wallpaper can be used with our Iridescent Texture Wallpaper to complete a blissful bedroom. With good preparation and some gentle lighting, your walls will reward you with a beautiful pattern that will form the basis of many dreams and imaginative playtimes.

Dinosaur children’s wallpaper

Let the world hear you ROAR!For all the dinosaur lovers we have a perfect collection of wallpaper prints that can help you transform your child’s bedroom into a Jurassic world!

Introducing Dino Kingdom a wallpaper to boost every child’s imagination when it comes to Jurassic world.

Presented in a vintage style, this wallpaper style shows foliage and creatures of the era including T-Rex, Triceratops, and brachiosaurus.

Animal themed children’s wallpaper

Be brave, run free, and stay wild!

Animals help children understand and appreciate the natural world around them.

With our range of animal wallpaper, your child can make a statement in their room from bright coloured flamingos and rainbow butterflies to happy little owls there’s something for your child to be excited about.

Brightly coloured wallpaper for children's bedroom

For your child, decorating their room in their favorite colour can be extremely exciting.

We have a wide range of bold colours and prints so your children can showcase their personality through wallpaper.

From polka dots, stripes and stars there’s something for all your children to bring their room to life.

Superheroes themed bedroom wallpaper

Without a doubt, your child will want to show off their room with this amazing Marvel comic strip-themed wallpaper.

This wallcovering features classic comic book illustrations, with the whole crew including Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Black Widow, and of course The Hulk!

Great for making a stand-out feature wall!

Teenage room wallpaper

No matter how old your child is they will want their room to look “cool” and help them create their own space to enjoy.

That’s why we thought we would put together a few ideas for young teenagers bedrooms, which you can look at more closely in-store.

From glitter feature walls, graffiti murals, and industrial-style brick wallpaper we can help you decorate your teenage child’s bedroom ready for the future.

View our full collection of children's wallpaper in-store at your closest O'Neill's Decorating Store


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