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New Collections in-store!

We are always updating our store with the latest trends, latest wallpaper ideas, and most popular designs. However, if you haven’t visited one of our stores in a while, well firstly you are missing out and secondly here are the latest new collections you can expect to see.

Just one more thing, these new wallpaper collections won’t just be rolled up and stacked on a shelf or left in boxes on pallets.

We love to go that step further and actually create our very own bespoke displays to showcase to you exactly what these wallpaper patterns could look like in your own home.

So, let’s get started...

Versace Home- Greek Key Collection

Just by saying “it’s Versace” is enough right? Versace’s home collection allows you to add glamour, luxury and catwalk fashion to your home and everyday living.

These latest colour additions to the Greek Key collection continue to show the classic and iconic design of a large-scale geometric wallpaper pattern designed to make an impact.

Each colour and design is combined with the coloured shimmering inks which means your walls will sparkle in the light!

Available in four new and different colours; Champagne Luxury, Gunmetal luxury, Ivory Luxury, and Navy luxury. Available to view in-store

"A new art of living dressed for the occasion"

Tiffany Collection

Now it’s time for two new Tiffany collections, another well known brand within the wallpaper world. Tiffany collections are known for their timeless beauty and can help instantly rejuvenate any room in your home.


The Tiffany pearl collection is another delightful collection that returns in 2021 in new colourways, the texture in this design features a small pearl-like detail that emulates a rich, luxurious fabric. This high-quality wallcovering is a dream to hang as well as look at! Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and for creating a feature wall.

Available in Cream, Dark Silver and Blush


Fiore is a brand new collection from Tiffany, a stunningly beautiful sculptured floral print which we are excited to share with you. This new print is a great wallpaper to complement more subtle wallpaper designs like Tiffany Pearl and Tiffany Texture.

When you visit our decorating centres our expert team can demonstrate with bespoke displays and years of experience how to mix and match this collection to create the perfect look.

Available in Beige/Ivory, Blush Pink/Ivory and Soft Silver/Ivory

Change is good

Change is a collection of organic and nature-inspired patterns- how amazing does it look! Setting a tropical jungle theme to any room, this exotic print features an intertwined collection of trailing vines, flamboyant leaves and rare blooms.

Alongside these unusual leaves and completing this pattern is a selection of colourful and exotic pink blooms.

Perfect for creating feature walls and hanging in busy rooms such as bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Available in Jungle Green & Jungle Grey

Attractive leaves

AS Creation have introduced the Attractive Leaves collection as a wallpaper that offers fine and comforting patterns and takes the back seat.

Therefore, this collection is different from other louder collections such as Change is Good and Versace Home Greek Key. Attractive Leaves offers a two-tone wallcovering that features a selection of metallic foliage presented with an illustrated, hand-drawn look for a subtle backdrop.

We love this collection and think it looks perfect in rooms that embrace calm such as the bedroom and living room. This collection deserves to be seen and appreciated in person, that’s why it has a very well deserved spot in our decorating centre awaiting your arrival.

Available in Beige, Silver and Black Metallic

Fashion for Walls

Now it is time to bring the catwalk home with the Fashion for Walls collection by number one fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer.

This wallpaper is unmissable and iconic with a 3D graphic that stands out like no other. Offering a sharp geometric design using angular "metal" shapes that have been perfectly machined to offer perfectly sharp beveling along with a neatly brushed surface finish.

We have a fashion for walls display in-store waiting for you.

Available in Charcoal & Gold, Blue & Charcoal, Silver & White and Grey & Silver


Finally, last but not least in this blog we have Onyx by Rasch Wallcoverings. This hugely popular collection embraces organic natural finishes like wood, cotton and stone that transform any space into a comforting and cosy room.

The design is made of flowing layers of rich charcoal to sandy golden tones that blend and combine as the pattern travels across your walls.

This non-woven wallcovering allows you to paste the wall or the wallpaper when hanging to make any room transformation a quick and seamless project, ideal for first-time wallpaper hangers and professionals alike.

Available in Grey/ Silver, Blue/ Gold, Charcoal/ Gold, Ivory/ Light Grey and Stone Grey/ Silver.

So, which one is your favourite? We know it’s a tough one with so many amazing collections to choose from. But the best way to help you decide is to come and view the collections in-store, more new arrivals have been received from wallpaper brands Grandeco, design id, Milano Fine Decor and Rasch so now really is a fantastic time to transform your walls in time for the upcoming festivities and visitors you may receive.

Find your closest O’Neills Decorating Centre today and we can’t wait to see you soon!


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