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The Budget-Friendly Guide to Interior Updates

Looking to freshen up your house on a budget? It’s easy to assume that you’ll have to spend a lot of money to modernise and redecorate your home. But this isn’t always true, there are easy ways to update your living space even when you’re on a budget. From adding some greenery to your rooms to adding a feature wall, in this post we explore some budget-friendly ways you can transform your house today.

Start with Plants

One thing that can bring colour and energy to your home is plants. This is a simple and affordable way to redecorate rooms, adding plants like orchids for modernisation or larger foliage planters for a splash of colour. You can use hanging plants for any empty floating shelves or consider large plants to fill a corner of the room. You can really get creative with plants and if you struggle to keep them alive, you can always opt for artificial ones.

Add a Rug

Changing the flooring in your home can be an expensive option. In fact, it can cost thousands. when working on a budget for home renovations, simply adding rugs to rooms in your house will make all of the difference. For instance, add some fluffy rugs to rooms with wooden floors. This is going to offer warmth and comfort, as well as having the ability to make a space look larger.

In addition, a rug allow you to change the style and appearance of a room, with a great choice of colours, shapes and patterns. There is a rug to suit everyone’s budget. So, if you want to change the appearance of a room, consider buying a rug.

Create a Feature Wall

We all know that giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is an easy, yet quite bland way to update your home. All you have to do is choose your favourite colour and source the paint supplies and you are ready to go. Indeed, this is an affordable way to transform a room.

But you can go one step further and create a feature wall. This is a fantastic way to add character and create a visual impact while on a budget. In particular, you can add a bold style and a lot of energy to any room in your home using wallpaper.

The great thing about a feature wall is that it can help you separate space in an open-plan area, as well as make a room appear larger than it is. You can express your personality and style, while also warming up a space. What’s more, you can save money since a feature wall is only one wall in the room and normally only takes a couple of rolls.

Benefit from Mirrors

Something that is on-trend right now is using mirrors in your home. Of course, they are a functional addition to any house. But they are also fantastic and create the illusion of space. They can make rooms look larger, as well as spreading light around the house. What’s more, there are more styles than ever before. This allows you to make a statement and add style to your home. 

Enjoy More Cushions

Getting a new sofa is an expensive long-term purchase. But if you really want to change the way your living room looks, consider buying new cushions to dress the space instead. This is an affordable way to flip the design and enjoy a new style or colour palette. You can make a statement with cushions, choosing to play with new finishes, tactile textures and bright colours, as well as eye-catching patterns. Have some fun and play around with your style and see how you can transform your indoor space.

Ready to tackle that room? Why not take a look at our wide range of wallpaper & paint and visit us in-store at our Bolton and Manchester decorating centres.

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