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Popular Wallpaper Colour Trends of 2021

Welcome the wallpaper colour trends of 2021 into your home with O’Neill’s.

Are you planning to update your interior this year? Maybe you are starting to think about what colour you should paint a bedroom, or what wallpaper style is “trendy” enough to hang in the living room?

From earthy and calm neutral colours, to vibrant and warming tones, there’s something for everybody with this year's colour trends.

So sit back, grab a brew and let’s start with some calming neutral colours.

Calming Neutral colours

There are many benefits to using neutral colours around your home, it’s a classic staple trend that never goes out of style.

Neutral colours work well with other neutral colours- of course they do, but they also work well with bold accent colours, so if you do get a bit bored you can update this style very easily with a pop of colour in small doses.

Did you know that neutral wallpapers work well with texture?

Why not add a textured wallcovering or a tactile cushion to your neutral sanctuary. You will be able to find these in store and our team would be more than happy to point you in the right direction

Add some greenery to your homes

From olive green to racing green, the possibilities are endless with this vibrant colour. Proving to become extremely popular in the interior design world at the minute everybody wants to add some greenery to their home.

Paint experts have predicted that we will be seeing a lot more green within our homes over the next year.

Like neutral colours, green is said to have a calming effect, help you feel at one with nature, and relieve stress- sounds perfect for every room!

You can view our full wallpaper collection of green wallpapers in-store and our helpful team will help you choose your perfect shade of green if you prefer to paint your walls.

The shade used in the images below is Adeline from Graham & Brown

Why not add some real greenery to your home?

Multiple studies have proven that indoor plants keep you healthier and happier, offering both psychological and physical health benefits.

A selection of house plants would be the perfect finishing touch in any home, just remember to keep them watered.

Warming tones

Warm colours are associated with passion, joy, and playfulness, they have a great ability to make big rooms feel cosier and add a dose of positive energy. Perfect for rooms with a lot of activity such as living room, dining room and even kitchens.

Warm colours such as reds, purples, and oranges can really transform a room even if they are used as accents.

In fact, Graham and Browns' colour of the year is Epoch, a proud regal purple that adds that wow factor to any room.

If you plan on using a warm colour as an accent, you will find a range of home decor from mirrors, cushions and more to complement this style in-store.

A positive ray of sunshine

Yellow beams positivity and optimism which is something we all need right now. You may have never considered yellow wallpaper or paint as an option before, but from subtle shades to glowing rays of yellow this colour can be extremely adaptable for any room.

Pantone ( the colour matching experts) even chose "Illuminating", a shade of Yellow as their 2021 colour of the year- so this colour is certainly on trend right now.

Dreaming of a yellow feature wall? Our expert team can help you make your dreams a reality. Speak to us in store or online today.

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