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O'Neill's Decorating Centres


Paint Mixing Service.

We can mix any colour you need into the finish or type of paint you need to complete your job.

In addition, we can mix both DIY brands and Premium brands colours into Johnstones paint.

Johnstones Paints:

Walls : Warming Rays - Feature Wall Matt/Sheen

Radiator: Teal Topaz - Quick Dry Gloss also Matt/Sheen/Silk for Walls & Ceilings

Johnstones Paints:

Walls: Red Spice - Matt/Sheen/Silk for Walls & Ceilings

Johnstones Paints:

Walls: Brandy Cream - Feature Wall Matt/Sheen

Johnstones Paints:

Walls: Frosted Silver - Matt/Sheen/Silk for Walls & Ceilings

also in Kitchen Sheen, Bathroom Matt, Quick Dry Gloss or Satin

Johnstones Paints:

Walls: Hemlock - Kitchen Sheen

Johnstones Paints:

Walls: Teal Topaz - Matt/Sheen/Silk for Walls & Ceilings

Door: Teal Topaz - Quick Dry Gloss

Johnstones Paints:

Walls: Rosebud - Matt/Sheen/Silk for Walls & Ceilings


Johnstones Paints:

Walls: White Lace - Kitchen Sheen or Bathroom Matt

Doors: Seashell - Quick Dry Satin also Matt/Sheen/Silk for Walls & Ceilings

O’Neill’s Decorating Centres are a Johnstones Paint Stockist, we hold the Johnstones retail range which covers wall and ceiling paints, kitchen paints, bathroom paints, gloss and satin paints for interior and exterior trim in both water and solvent based formulas. Plus your woodcare and masonry exterior coatings.


We also stock selected trade paints from the PPG Johnstones/Leyland offering, these can offer increased coverage and faster drying times over some retail products. Some of the Trade options are not included in the standard retail selection so you know we will have what you need available when you make a visit to O’Neill’s.


Our paint mixing service is available in store at both our Farnworth and Salford stores. We can mix thousands of colours to suit your home including those of many other brands you may wish to have made into a reliable quality and great coverage Johnstone's Paint.


Our Stores have a wide choice of additional coatings for more specialist applications or projects so Click here to find your local store.


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